Do you want your click-through rate to skyrocket? Getting your content to the very top of the Google search results can be the key to drive organic traffic to your website. Achieving “ranking #0” or securing a position in Google’s answer boxes can be the key to get increased organic traffic and improve your rankings. Wondering how to get your content featured in an answer box? Read on.

For every marketer focused on driving organic traffic, getting content featured to the top of Google search results is the key target. Gone are the days when achieving a No.1 rank in the SERP was the best thing you could do for your business. Today, it is only when you secure position zero in Google can you be assured of maximum visibility. This is because; featured snippets get more clicks and has the highest click-through rate than the website ranked in the first position on the SERP.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the answer box.

What Is Google’s Answer Box?

Google had introduced a new rich featured snippet in the year 2015 to their SERP results – the answer box. Google’s answer box is meant to provide easy and quick answers to questions by featuring a snippet of information typically pulled by Google from one of the ranking pages on the first SERP. Instead of relying on the keywords to determine the rank for answer boxes, Google started prioritizing user engagement metrics for determining which website should earn the ranking 0.

3 Tips To Win A Coveted Spot In Google Answer Box For A Specific Query Target The Questions As Keywords

1. Target The Questions As Keywords

The answer box exists for providing clear answers to questions people search on Google. So, you need to evaluate the questions which your company can answer and examine if those questions produce answer boxes on SERPs. Featuring such questions in your website as H1 and H2 tags along with short answers can let Google know that your content has the perfect answer to the question. This will increase the chances of your website content getting featured in the answer box. 

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2.Target Keywords Which Already Have Answer Boxes

Targeting the keywords which already have answer boxes can ensure that you are putting efforts behind a keyword which Google believes can be answered directly in the SERP. While it’s true that new answer boxes appear in SERPs regularly, targeting a keyword which already has an answer box can be more beneficial. Once you have found a potential answer box which can be targeted, check the information to determine if you can write an answer or already have content which better answers the question.

Source: Google

3. Give Short And Concise Answers

When it comes to Google’s answer boxes, short, direct and succinct content always win the day. Make sure your answer is not more than 3 to 4 sentences or under 100 words. Take the time to write a content which explains the answer in the clearest terms. Experts reveal that the biggest secret to winning Google’s answer boxes and achieve the position zero is to give direct answers and not beat around the bush.

Time to win Google’s answer boxes and obtain the coveted position of ranking 0 on SERPs!

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