Do you wish to increase your click-through rate? Are you still under the impression that achieving a No.1 rank in Google is the best you can do? Well, it’s time to think bigger! Achieving the Position Zero on SERP can be the key to thrive in this competitive market and boost your website’s visibility as well as organic traffic. Making rank 0 the new goal for SEO is thus important for every business.

The world of digital marketing is one which witnesses changes constantly. With Google rolling out a new algorithm almost every other day to serve the audience better, it’s important for businesses to keep one eye on the horizon to see what lies ahead. And, taking advantage of Rank 0 (also known as featured snippets and answer box) can up your search optimisation games, get better organic traffic and improve rankings.

what is position zero
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 Here’s everything you need to know about Ranking 0 in SERPs!

What Is Position 0 On Google?

Ranking #0, popularly known as featured snippets, is the expanded result which appears just above the No.1 position on SERPs. These snippets consist of a URL, a display title and an extracted answer from a webpage. These answers may even have an image, bulleted lists along with simple tables.

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For instance, if you enter the query “Which is the best digital marketing company in Sussex?”, a ranking 0 might be the paragraph which describes an agency that has recently earned the distinction of being the best internet marketing service provider in the areas in and around Sussex. The featured snippet may even be a bullet list of the top 10 digital marketing companies.

What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining Ranking #0?

Obtaining rank for position zero can be advantageous for every business. The key benefits of achieving Position 0 on Google are:

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How To Appear In Google’s Featured Snippets?

The step-by-step guide to appear in the box at the top of the SERPs is-

  • Start with a question which users ask and use it as the header
  • Provide very concise and quick answers
  • Optimise your content for the particular question it is designed to answer
  • Use the <table> tag or the <ol> tag
  • Ensure the answers you are providing are better than your competitors
  • Use bold and italics on your keywords so that Google’s BOT knows what to pull
Source: Google

What Does Position Zero Mean In SEO?

Featured snippets fulfil the need of a search engine user for simple answers to a question. From the point of view of a business, achieving rank for position zero is the key to gain visibility as well as traction. From Google’s perspective, rank 0 provides a better user experience to search engine users.

Achieving Position 0 on SERPs can be beneficial for businesses of every size. So what are you still here for? Quickly make Ranking #0 your new goal for SEO and reap the benefits of better visibility!


Make Ranking #0 Your New Goal For SEO & Get Maximum Visibility