No longer deal with pushy sales reps trying to sell you the dream whether it be over the phone or face to face.


Fundamentally we work as an advertising consultancy giving advice and looking after your advertising to ensure the money you spend is going to be cost effective and you get the best advertising for your well earned buck.
Let Object Ad Solutions deal with sales people and let us work together to help create the right advertising campaigns for your business.


It is vital that you know that your investment in advertising is working. We track all of your advertising using local Trackable Numbers and Google Analytics where applicable. We have the capability to place different tracked numbers on all forms of your advertising so we can truly know which campaigns are actually viable. We can also set your website up with Google Analytics to track users arriving at your site and track their behaviour.

Using Trackable Numbers we can:
• See the location where the call is coming from
• Record the duration of the call
• Record the call, which can then be used for training purposes or just for your records
• Utilise ‘Call Whispering’ which enables you to know where the call is coming from (geographical area/type of advertising)
• eliminate duplicate or advertising calls from our database of numbers


Using Google Adwords we can instantly attract users to your website. Google Adwords works by bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business. Your advert will then appear in the Sponsored Results areas ABOVE or beside the natural listings.

Using Google Adwords you can:

  • Target specific locations
  • Enable ‘Click to Call’, where users can click on your advert and instantly call you
  • Use negative keywords to ensure specific targeting of terms relevant to your business
  • Create bespoke adverts to entice users to click through to your website

Using Google Analytics we can:

  • Understand user trends and behaviour
  • Track where users are coming from and how they find your website
  • Analysis of page content to establish what is working and what requires improvement
  • Manage and track conversions in order to set goals and benchmarks
  • See what is happening in real-time on your website


Not everyone knows all there is about advertising and how to go about doing it, why not talk to one of our team about how we can help.