You are probably well-acquainted with Google My Business. Well, if you are still unfamiliar, as a quick recapitulate, Google My Business is an easy way to claim your storefront or office address on Google. Whether you are a small business or a long-established successful company, this new feature can be a great way to increase the website traffic of every business.

This means that when a user searches for something similar to your business, you will show up on the right side of a Google search, just like the above image. Or more beneficial, when a user searches for services or products you offer, you will show up in the local park.

What’s more interesting is that Google has been consistently making changes to it. This means that it is easier for you to generate leads and sales. And, the best part of all, only a few marketers are leveraging such features.

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5 Ways To Generate More Website Traffic With Google’s Latest Features

1. Provide Welcome Offers

One of the easiest ways to generate more leads is to provide welcome offers to new customers. Google knows that people are on the lookout for ways to find great deals and save money. With this new feature, businesses can easily reward their new customers by giving welcome offers to them. Not only will this bring new customers to you but also repeat customers since people will be notified whenever you have new deals.

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2. Generate Leads In A Few Clicks

Google is adding a “Request a Quote” button now in your business listing. This can also be seen when searching for branded terms on mobile devices. Businesses which have the messaging feature on of their Google My Business can benefit from this. By turning on messaging, people can ask for all quotes on all kinds of services out there. You can easily review these quotes and reply to them within the Google My Business App and connect with customers easily.

3. Ensure You Declare Your URL

With the latest features of Google, businesses can easily claim a URL and name for their listing. In case you haven’t claimed your URL yet, ensure you do before it gets taken by some other business. However, do not get too crazy since you can change your short name only three times a year.

To enable this, navigate to your locations page and click on “info” on the left-hand side, where you will see “add short name”.  With short names, your business will show as Google page and can be shared easily. You can choose any name between 5-32 characters. This can contain your brand name, location and much more. Make sure you do not violate any policies with the name since people can flag the name if it is fake, offensive or includes inappropriate terms.

4. Make The Most Of Google Assistant

Google now allows customers to order food from various restaurants as well as eatery joints through Google Assistant. The food is delivered to customers by various delivery partners.

Users can simply click on Order Now on the listing and choose delivery or pick-up and if they want to schedule for later or want to order ASAP. The payment is done by Google pay – the default payment mode. In case you don’t have one yet, you can even add details of your credit card.

5. Auto-Generate Posts Based On Reviews

No matter how busy you are, creating content is important to keep your business thriving. With the newest features, Google has given you simpler methods to generate posts – by creating auto-generated posts for your business. These recommended posts are influenced by buyers’ reviews on your Google My Business profile. Wondering why you should use it? Well, this will keep people engaged in your profile.

Appearing in Google answer boxes is another great way to generate more website traffic. So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to drive more traffic to your website!