Do you know Google has rolled out another major algorithm update recently? BERT – Google’s latest SEO update is expected to impact content marketing and search queries. Are you wondering whether this update really matter to you? Or, are you thinking if you should spend time learning about it? Well, according to Google, BERT will affect 1 in 10 search queries.

On 25th October, 2019, Google announced its latest search algorithm update BERT. Google called it the most significant update in the last five years, after RankBrain in the year 2015. With this latest update, Google is paying close attention to search context and every word in search queries. And, with the announcement of this big update, SEO marketers are working hard to get ahead of the changes.

Here’s the ultimate guide to understanding BERT.

What Is BERT?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Google states that this algorithm is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing. Basically, Google has adjusted its algorithm for a better understanding of what words in a sentence mean to users. This helps search engines in understanding the intentions behind the queries and provides more helpful information to users.

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Why Has Google Brought In This Update?

According to Google, this algorithm update will aid complicated search queries which largely depend on context. It says that such improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, especially for more natural conversational/language queries. The BERT algorithm update means that Google has improved at understanding conversational and prolonged queries. This improves the overall user experience.

How to Plan For BERT?  

Google states that you cannot optimise for BERT. Wondering what to do then? Well, as always, keep writing relevant and informative content for the users. Then, ensure the content is well-formatted for indexing.

Here’re a few tips to help you adjust SEO strategies and deliver content for the search inquiries of target users.

How To Improve The Quality Of Content?

Did you notice a fall in search engine rankings recently? Or has there been a decline in organic traffic over the past week? It’s likely that your website has already been affected by BERT.

There isn’t any definite way to optimise your site in a way that you can avoid traffic decline. However, going through your content can help. You can improve your on-site content and increase organic website traffic. Here’s what you can do-

  • Work with a reputed SEO company to create effective content strategies. SEO specialists will work with you to improve rankings on SERPs, generate better traffic and build brand authority.
  • Regularly update the content of your site for ensuring it’s relevant, well-written and informative.
  • Use natural internal linking within your content to help your site rank higher in search engine results

So what are you still thinking? Time to approach a reputed SEO agency and seek their services for improving search engine rankings!