It would be wrong to assume that the SEO performance of a website relies solely on keywords. Google has changed its algorithms over the years. Now, the rank of the websites depends greatly on a lot of external factors other than the keywords. User Experience (UX) plays one of the most significant roles among them.

Focus More on User Experience:

In recent times, Google has invested time in determining whether a web page produces a rich user experience. UX and SEO nowadays go hand in hand and can be the defining factor behind a website’s rank. Therefore, businesses opting to design a website should stress more on the factors that offer better UX.

The Close Relation Between UX and SEO Performance:

Search engines combine several factors, known as UX signals or metrics, to determine the rank of the web pages. Some of these can affect the search engine results in a significant manner, like:

Bounce Rate: Keeping a user on the website for a longer period is the primary goal for most businesses. It is a positive sign if the user visits more web pages without returning to the search engine results page. This translates to a seemingly low bounce rate. The site is able to provide a better user experience, which significantly affects its SERP ranking.

Pages Per Session: This is an important UX Metric that measures how many pages the visitors frequent in a single session. This session usually begins when the user switches on the search engine and ends when they exit from it. The number of times the website is visited during this session contributes to its UX Rating. A high page per session translates to a higher rank on the SERP.

Engagement: An engaging web page contributes highly to the user experience. It includes several factors, including the image placement, text format and size. The web page should be able to generate interest among clients and generate useful engagement. The website’s architecture plays a definitive role in quickly finding and indexing the pages of a search engine.

Upon studying all these factors, it would be safe to say that UX plays a major role in determining the rank of a website. Therefore, multiple digital marketing agencies stress this factor more. Object Ad Solutions is one such SEO Company in Brighton that understands its importance. They are a trustworthy digital marketing service that has been at the forefront for many years. For more information, one can visit their website today.