Have you been searching about how long blog posts should be to get maximum search engine optimisation (SEO)? How many words should you write in a blog so that it achieves top ranking? Are you perplexed about whether it’s 500 words, 1000 words, 1500 words or something more than that? Well, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as you think.

Questioning the relationship between length of blogs and SERP ranking implies that a minimum word count for blogs exists. However, no such standard set by Google exists in real. Although there’s lots of advice on the internet which claim everything from 300 to 2000 words, that’s not helpful. Attention spans are getting shorter with each generation. But it doesn’t mean that short content have a better user experience or a higher rank in search.

Here’s all you need to know about the length of blog posts.

How Long Should Your Blogs Be?

When deciding on the ideal length for your blog posts, many variables need to be considered. However, the two most vital factors you must consider to get the answer to your question are –

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How long do posts need to be for successfully explaining the material to your readers?

Wondering how to determine the best length for your blog, create high-quality content and monitor the performance of blogs? Check out below.

Let Search Intent Be Your Guide

Professionals who specialise in SEO in Brighton believe that blog post length depends on what’s typical for your industry. You need to know what fulfils the intent of your reader’s search query. If the intention behind a particular keyword requires long-form content, create lengthy blog posts.

Create Content With Substance

Blog posts which perform well and rank well are the ones which have high-value content. This is why you should be consistent and innovative in creating high-quality content. You can create blogs with substance by-

  • Introducing new concepts in every blog posts you put out
  • Considering the kind of media which will enhance the content experience
  • Thinking about the intention of people searching for the thing you are writing on

Assessing Content Performance

Monitoring the performance of your blog post once it is published is as important as writing quality content. Hire a leading SEO company in Sussex to measure the success of your blogs with keyword rankings and traffic. By getting information on how good your blog is performing, you can make adjustments to bring value to users.

Quality Over Quantity – Avoid Focus On The Length Only

Too much emphasis is put on the average word count of their content. People misunderstand the importance of having more than a definite number of words on every page to rank well. Sure, having some length and substance is essential to every blog. But, it is wrong to focus only on the length and emphasise on quantity. Remember; you should give readers what they desire, regardless of the number of words it takes to say that.

Create valuable content for the audience and see how Google identifies you as a trustworthy company in your industry!