Many people still believe that search engines are experts in understanding which website a visitor must be directed to. But let us be clear that it is not that simple. You must have wondered why a website tops the search engine results page. Well, that’s SEO in Surrey at work.

Important Facts About SEO You Should Know

1. What is SEO?
SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a digital marketing approach to improve the ranking of your website in search engines like Google. It optimises webpages to send signals to the search engines that your pages must be ranked in the SERPs before your competitors.

2. How Does it Work?
It works by combining scientific and creative approaches to position your site as the most relevant result for an end user’s search query and answer the user’s query in the best manner.

3. How are Sites Positioned?
There are many factors evaluated by search engines while ranking pages. However, the top three key SEO practices include the following:

  • Content,
  • Links, and
  • Technical optimisation

Let’s discuss these three ranking factors in detail below.

4. Content Generation
There are several poorly optimised websites with plenty of outstanding content but not being optimised as they could. Auditing all such content is a major element of SEO to ensure that it adds value to the end-user and is optimised for search. Then you can move further to build a new strategy for new content to reach your target audience and improve your rankings.

5. Link Building
Make sure to build a great network of links, as it’s an important part of ranking top for any target search phrases. Adding incorrect links to your website can be destructive to results. When you hire a professional SEO agency, they also remove low-quality links for optimisation. Remember that quality is over quantity.

6. Technical Optimisation
You must use the power of any aged website as an asset. Your website just would not top with good content and strength. The key technical elements for SEO must also be in the right place. The professional SEO expert will amend your website’s technical aspects, like user experience, site speed, and internal link pattern.

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