A domain name is one of the most important decisions you need to make while starting a new website. SEO optimised domain name plays an important role in getting the website rank. In layman’s terms, if you’re searching for a computer company on google, then domain names with the word computer mentioned on the same will come up at the top of the search bar and will also look feasible to the target audiences.

Professional SEOs in Sussex focus on using targeted keywords in the domain name to increase clicks and increase the rank on the search engines. Branding and keywords are the two ways that a domain can affect the SEO of a website.

Domain Names Based on Brands

The domain name should be based on the brand of your company. Since the domain name is visible all the time, users will find and recognise the brand name. Hence, if you have a business name, you can effectively use it as a domain name. A strong brand name means many people will click on the same, read about the products and services and share it with others.

As per the SEO experts, using the brand name as a domain name makes sense if:

  • Your brand name is already popular and established
  • You’ve already taken up good brand promotion and awareness strategies
  • The brand has the name of the owner
  • The brand name is unique and creative
  • You want your website to be at the top of the rank in Google’s search bar.

Domain Names Based on Keyword

If you’re not a popular brand, then using target keywords is a better way to optimise the domain name. SEO experts prefer using the main service or product as the target keyword, and they make up the domain name with the same.

Hence, if you’re a wedding photographer, including the term “wedding photography” in a domain name can help get your page at the top of the search bar. However, the technique of the keyword domain is not as effective as that of the branding domain.

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