Are you trying to improve your website rank but not achieving your goals? SEO is an essential part of any modern marketing plan. There are three types of SEO: On-page, technical and off-site. All of these can contribute to building a successful SEO strategy. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below;

Build an Effective SEO Strategy with These Key Steps

1. Aligning SEO with Business Goals and Define KPIs

Knowing where you currently stand and what you want to achieve is essential. You must also know the way you’re going to measure your success going forward. Perform an SEO audit first, which will involve the inspection of aspects like:

  • Domain history, name etc
  • Content aspects like quality relevancy and image quality.
  • Duplicate content
  • Page aspects like keywords, headlines, user engagement etc.
  • Website’s click-through rate schema etc.

A skilled professional can help in performing an SEO audit properly. Besides, you also need to define your KPIs. Here are some of the KPIs you must track:

  • Keyword ranking increases
  • Organic sessions
  • Leads and conversions

2. Keyword Research

Keywords are an unmissable aspect. It tells search engines what your content is about. To ensure keyword optimisation, you need to consider aspects like search intent, relevant keywords, keyword phrases, keyword research tools, etc.

3. Defining Most Valuable Pages

MVPs are the ones that do the heavy lifting for you. Every business industry has different MVPs. For example, Homepage, services pages and other pages involving demos will be the MVPs for non-commerce websites.

4. Conducting Competitive Analysis

You need SEO to stand out from your competitors. So you need to know what’s going on in your industry. This will help you understand where you stand as compared to your competitors. You need to know the opposition’s site structure and backlinking.

5. User Experience and Technical SEO

You need to pay attention to your site structure in technical and user interface aspects. A constantly broken site won’t be able to bring a single sale, no matter how best the contents and keyword strategies are.

6. Resources

SEO impacts various important parts of your organisation like sales, marketing, IT etc. If you want to set the budget for SEO, you must involve some of your employees who are skilled in it. You must also involve the sales team in some areas as they understand which products have more demand.

7. Aligning SEO Strategy with Customer Funnel

Planning an SEO strategy is directly related to boosting your sales eventually. Hence, you need to ensure that your strategy aligns with your customer journey.

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