Do you wish to improve your the visibility of your website? Making your blogs findable on Google can be a great way to increase your business’ online presence. And, when it comes to blogging and driving traffic to websites, search engine optimisation or SEO is very important to get the attention of search engines.

Wondering how to make your blogs findable on Google search results? Learning a few great tips is all you need to know.

Despite the meteoric rise of apps and social media, Google is still at the heart of most purchasing behavioural patterns. Whenever people want to buy something, they start researching on Google. Even when they are referred to a business, they tend to first check it on Google. But, with getting a good placement in Google being a tough task, how do you make yourself found in the search engine result giant?

Here’re a few great tips to make your blogs easily findable on the SERPs.

4 Useful Tips To Make Your Blogs Findable On Google Search Engine Results

1. Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine your ideal customer asking a question on Google which you can perfectly answer. The customer then finds your blog, clicks over to your site and gets their questioned answered by you. Since your potential customer is now aware of you, all you need to do is publish the ideal blog.

Keep a list of questions which are commonly asked by customers and use them as topics of blogs. Think about this- if your ideal customers are asking you these questions, chances are that there are hundreds of people asking the same questions on Google.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

2. Optimise Each Of Your Blog Posts

To let Google know what your blog post is all about, optimisation is important. So, you need to create a blog which is both informative and helpful to your customers. Focus on your readers to write a good blog and insert the key phrase in the title, first paragraph as well as the header. It is recommended to insert the keyword at least two times in the body of the content. Remember; at first, you should always focus on your readers.

optimize blog post

3. Replicate The Way Real People Search

Experts with years of experience in offering SEO in Sussex advice business owners to consider using ‘Google Suggest’ to see the way people ask the questions which your blog provides the answers to. Enter a question into the search bar which feels like to be asked by the ideal customer. Based on how people search, you will get numerous options. Make sure you use the phrases as your key phrases when optimising your post.

4. Share Your Blogs On Social Media Sites

One great way to make your blogs findable on the SERPs is to drive more website traffic. Ensure you include a call to action for attracting ideal customers to your website. The more potential customers visit your website, the more your site will be displayed. Google wants to deliver valuable content to its users and one way of doing it is choosing popular websites. So, after publishing your blog, it’s important for you to share your blogs on various social media sites.Blogs On Social Media Sites

Time to make your blogs findable on Google and escalate your business to new heights!