Do you wish to stay ahead of the ever-changing search game this year? Are you on the lookout for search trends, Google predictions and algorithm updates which can help you get a competitive edge? Well, following the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) trends can be the ideal ways to boost your online presence and become a trending name on the internet!

Gone are the days when backlinks and keyword placement guaranteed success in search engine optimisation. Today, search results have become more personalized, timely and accurate than ever. SEO, in present times, is the assurance of a frictionless user experience while providing the right information in a timely manner. And, to rank on top of SERPs, it’s important for you to follow the latest trends.

Below are the top trends you must follow to ensure online success!

Few Game-Changing SEO Trends Every Business Should Look Out For

1. The Rise Of Voice Search

According to Google, 1 out of every 5 searches comes from voice queries. This is not surprising since voice-activated smart speakers are on the rise. And, with the accuracy of voice assistants improving continuously, an increasing number of people will start utilising voice search for timely search queries. Getting your website optimised for voice search from an expert who specialises in SEO Sussex is thus important.

2. Get To Position 0

The most coveted position on Google search result pages is the position 0. This is because it is here that users get most of their information from and Google ensures that they would get their answers as quickly as possible. And, having your website on the first page can give you a head start on getting to the top position. All you need to do is some optimisation to get your site there.

3. Switch To Mobile

With Google rolling out the mobile-first index, websites are going to be ranked on the basis of the mobile version of the page. Today, there’s more to the ranking system than just evaluating a site’s relevance to the user on the basis of the desktop version. With mobile searches accounting for more than 60% of total searches, businesses need to opt for a mobile-friendly website. You need to adopt accelerated mobile pages and optimise the user experience for mobile- from navigation and page load time to architecture and design.

4. Featured Snippets

In the last few years, a surprising growth of featured snippets has been displayed in the search results across various devices. Almost 30% of all voice search queries on Google get instant answers in the form of featured snippets today. This newest trend is giving rise to various new forms of content like Q&A, that are optimised to provide short answers in response to the long-tail search queries.

Now that you are aware of the latest SEO trends, what are you still here for? It’s time to approach a reputed SEO expert and get your rankings up!