2020 is here! It’s time to take an well-informed step for future with your business’ SEO plans for the year ahead. But how do you ensure your SEO plan kick-starts on the best foot? Well, if you are yet to plan your search engine optimisation strategy, get to serious work immediately. Wondering how to attain online success this year? Let organic SEO take its course. 

SEO is set to reign supreme in determining the online success of a site. Search engine optimisation fuels online marketing. Your strategy determines the ranking of your site on SERPs for a particular set of keywords. If your site does not attain a top rank on Google results, your target audience may think negatively about your business. Meticulous planning is thus needed to plan your overall SEO campaign for the year ahead.

Here’s how to plan an effective SEO strategy for better rankings on SERP. 

Step-By-Step SEO Plan To Increase Your SERP Rankings In 2020

1. Analyse Your SEO Carefully 

Before you begin planning your SEO campaign for 2020, understanding how SEO can benefit your business is essential. Understand your business’ main objective of investing in SEO. Discuss with your team what you wish to achieve in 2020 as your business goals. This will help you plan an effective SEO strategy. 

2. Boost The Site Speed 

Having a business website which loads slowly might lead to increased bounce rates. This will also affect your search engine rankings. Ensure you use some of the best online tools and assess the speed of your website. In case if the site loads slowly, it’s essential to have your site optimised for your next SEO campaigns. Hiring SEO experts is thus necessary to enhance the speed of your site. 

3. Concentrate On Keyword Intent

Today, most keywords are regarded to be vital search engine ranking aspects. Taking out the time for keyword optimisation is essential. You will have to understand the mind of your target customers and choose keywords accordingly. Make sure you communicate with your customers precisely in the SEO campaigns.

4. Curate Helpful Content 

Today, there are many variants of content which comprise the webinars, lists, how-to-guides, articles and live video chats. Every piece of content you produce must address the queries of readers and add value to your business. Experts suggest keeping a purpose in mind while creating content. When optimising content for search engines, know that the target users will want to retain information which caters to their purpose. 

5. Make The Most Out Of Local Listings

No matter how small or big your business is, local listings are essential. Your business will need local listings so that your target customers can find you easily. So, promoting your business by utilising listing websites such as – Google My Business is a must. This way, you can create  your business’s local landing page for a particular location and keep getting listed with online directories. 

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to implement the above steps when planning your overall SEO strategy and get started!