Website design is one of the most vital requirements in online marketing. A properly designed website attracts more visitors, thereby fostering more business. To ensure good performance of the website, it is important to keep it well updated.

The Need for Redesigning A Website:

Technology and practice change over time. Even after having a functional website, you may have to upgrade it after a few years to ensure a smoother operation. It should cater to the preferences of the target audience. However, during the revamp, it is important to ensure that the SEO properties are unaffected.

SEO Checklist to Follow While Redesigning a Website:

Redesigning a website is vital work that requires proper planning. As a business, you must note the goals and considerations for the Search Engine Optimisation process. To get proper help, you must connect with an SEO service in Surrey. You can follow the checklist that is discussed below.

1. Update Information Architecture: In a website redesign, updating the information structure is a vital process. Simultaneously, you must take steps to improve the user navigation of the site. You can achieve this goal by creating a map of the current structure and conducting a competitor analysis. This will help you find how the users interact with your website and create a new sitemap based on the same findings.

2. Optimise the Existing Content: To acquire the top position for your website on the search engine, it is important to update the site’s content. You can analyse the performance of the content with the help of Google Search Console. Identify the top-ranking keywords and update the headers, alt text and file names. You should also update or rewrite the website content that has become obsolete.

3. Improve Page Loading Speed: Reloading speed is one of the most crucial issues for which businesses opt for a website redesign. You must take the necessary steps to ensure your visitor can land on your website without waiting for an eternity. To improve the site reloading speed, you must optimise the image size, reduce the number of HTTP requests and clean up your HTML.

These are a few important considerations you must remember while redesigning your website. These ensure that your website performance does not get hampered during the process. If you want better assistance from a team of experts, you can contact Object Ad Solutions. We are a well-known source providing service in SEO in Surrey. Our team comprises experts who can optimise your website to reach the much coveted top rank on Google within a time. For more information, you can visit our website today.