The human brain can process images much faster and quicker than text. This is why visual content is in top demand these days. It is also possible to leverage the power of images for search engine optimisation. Here, we are going to outline precisely how you can unleash the power of images to boost your SEO ranking.

Five Strategies for Enhancing Image Search Engine Optimisation

Strategically using images for search engine optimisation requires a blend of technical and creative strategies. This way, you can make your images more visible and impactful in the search results. When orchestrated properly, these images can facilitate your overall online presence and digital marketing goals.

1. Choose the right format
This one is pivotal. When you are selecting an image, make sure to select the right format for it. Choosing the right format is a key strategy in enhancing the image SEO. JPEG is the best and most suitable format for photos. On the other hand, PNG is the most conducive format for graphics. The latter is best for images with text, logos, or even transparent backgrounds. The right format can enhance the image quality and also, in turn, optimise the loading time.

2. Choose unique images
Search engines tend to favour original content. With the aid of unique images, you are more likely to rank higher in the searches. Moreover, original images also greatly reflect your brand’s uniqueness. This, in turn, can fuel your digital marketing endeavour.

3. Compress your images
This is yet another important thing to do in the case of image SEO. Compressing your image means reducing file size without giving up the image quality. This ensures faster page load times and a much better user experience.

4. Customising the image file names
A thorough and descriptive keyword-rich file can help the search engine understand and categorise your images more effectively. So, you need to be descriptive and avoid generic names. For instance, you can always use the name that clearly describes the image. Last but not least, you should always incorporate relevant or LSI keywords that agree with your content and SEO strategy. For instance, if you have a hair and beauty website and there is an image of a facial, you should type ‘Facial_Hair_Beauty_tips’, etc., when your targeted keyword is ‘Hair and Beauty’.

5. Add SEO-friendly alt-text
It is crucial that you optimise your alt text to rank your images. Alt texts can help the search engine understand and categorise your images better. This, in turn, enhances their visibility in the search results. When you are adding the alt text, you should keep it short, keep it relevant and include context whenever possible. Moreover, the alt text should accurately reflect the subject matter of the image. This strategy is significantly instrumental in enhancing the SEO through your image.

Hence, the image could be a great tactical weapon to enhance your SEO ranking. Are you looking to optimise your SEO in Surrey? Object Ad Solutions can help you out with image-SEO strategy and much more. Reach out to us today!