A modern-day SEO specialist needs to concentrate not only on the SEO but also on the integrated digital marketing of the client. They must know about on-page and off-page SEO and should implement the same for the clients. However, to become a successful SEO in Brighton, you need to have certain specific skill-sets. Content creation skills and analytical skills are the two most important factors that make a good SEO specialist.

If you’re one of these, start your career as an SEO and develop the same in the process. Check out a few other skills that can help you become a good SEO specialist.

5 Skills of a Good SEO Specialist

1. Ability to think critically
It’s hard to measure the aspect of critical thinking ability; however, every successful SEO must have an analytical mind and must be able to differentiate between correlation and causation. This skill is effectively used when they try to check the rankings of the websites.

2. Technical skills
There are many technical tools that SEOs are required to know. Knowing the same counts towards the experience of the SEO strategist. If the tools are unknown, then the SEO expert will not be able to analyse any fraudulent activity over the client’s website. SEO is the process of obtaining a better ranking for websites. Hence, the goal of generating traffic is bestowed upon the SEO expert. Thus, having sufficient knowledge about technical skills is important.

3. Analytical skills
SEO analysts are required to know Google Analytics and pull off the data easily from the same. Thus, a certification from Google is a must to do this job successfully. Moreover, pulling out data is not sufficient. A good SEO expert must know ways to calculate the same. They have the techniques of analysing the data and helping the clients understand the position of the website ranks.

4. Excel operating skills
Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is also required for SEO because they need to prepare different ranking reports, which are important for client delivery. Thus, a good SEO must know how to prepare charts, bar graphs and compile data on excel.

5. Motivation and patience
Self-motivation is the key to success for an SEO expert. They must keep themselves motivated throughout their career and hope to get the ranks up. Since a website ranking doesn’t come in a day, an SEO expert needs to be patient.

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