SEO and SEM are two different marketing and branding channels of digital marketing. Effective use of both strategies can help you reach the target audiences on different search engines. Seo is the most effective tactic that helps to increase the online visibility of the brand. However, a smart SEO executive combines SEO strategies with sem to get a more accurate result.

For a layman, both concepts might sound similar; however, in reality, there’s a vast difference between both. The major difference between both is that SEO is an organic strategy, whereas SEM is a paid strategy. Hence, before hiring a professional SEO in Brighton, make sure that you know the differences and similarities between both effectively.

SEM vs SEO – Similarities between both

1. Visibility improvement
With the help of both SEO and sem strategies, you can easily improve the visibility of your website. If used effectively, both methods will show your website on the SERPs with the help of the targeted keywords.

2.High traffic generation
With the help of both tactics, you can easily bring in a lot of traffic to your sites. The users will click through your site more compared to the other sites. Sem is a paid tactic, whereas SEO is an organic tactic and combining both will bring about a positive result.

3. Follows keyword search strategy
A keyword search strategy is used in both cases. Both will help to understand the type of competition that your site is facing. Accordingly, you’ll be able to frame the digital marketing strategies.

4. Good audience understanding
Both the strategies are completely audience focused. Hence, if you want to use them, then a complete understanding of the audience is essential.

SEM vs SEO – Differences between both

1. Search result layout
Sem strategy is used to have ad extensions on the website while the SEO search results appear as organic results. Thus the search results for sem and SEO look completely different.

2. Cost of strategy
Sem results are generated with the help of paid placements. Thus whenever a user clicks on the same, the brand is charged. Thus for running a successful sem strategy, the company must have a separate fund. On the contrary, for SEO strategy, no fund is required as it is a free tactic.

3. Results
The results of sem are visible to the targeted audiences only. On the other hand, the results of SEO are visible to everyone. Moreover, sem generates immediate results while SEO results take a lot of time.

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