With the release of Google’s new algorithm update – BERT, are you wondering whether it is worth your attention? Are you in two minds about whether this latest update will influence the SEO landscape? Well, the new update is estimated to impact almost 10% of online searches and is used for understanding the intent behind it. And, this new update makes opting for professional SEO in Brighton more essential than ever. 

Google, the largest search engine in the world, is always looking for ways to boost its user experience. Rolled out on October 2019, the BERT update is considered as the greatest change to Google’s algorithm in five years. The newest update is important for marketers and websites since it has changed how search queries will now be looked upon by Google. For a while, Google has been focusing on ‘high-quality’ content and this new algorithm highlights the significance further. 

Wondering about the ways your website can win this update? Read on. 

What Is BERT Update? 

Late October 2019, Google announced that it will be using BERT models in online searches. Google calls BERT a neural based method for NLP or natural language processing. The search engine taps into its huge neural network for decoding the intent behind a search. Google has started using models or transformers which process various words relative to other words in a sentence when put into the search bar. 

If simply put, the Google BERT algorithm update allows searchers to type longer. Also, you can put more conversational queries into the search bar of Google bar and get accurate search results. No longer do you need to enter the exact keywords for getting the answers you are seeking. 

How Does BERT Impact SEO & Website Owners? 

The BERT update affects featured snippets and organic results. But BERT is a complex system, which pushes the limits of hardware and is used only in 1 in 10 searches. For the searches affected by the BERT update, the sequential order of context and words will matter. For instance, words like “to” and “of” will be considered along with pronouns. 

Ways To ‘Optimise’ Your Site For The Google BERT Update 

With Google’s BERT update, there’s nothing specifically to ‘optimise’ your website for. Instead, it is all about the general quality of your website content – written content, readability, images and layout. If you have unstructured, poor content which is not user-friendly and difficult for understanding, it can affect negatively. In fact, old techniques such as keyword stuffing are no longer essential. 

You can make the most of the update by- 

  • Matching Searcher Intent With An Analysis Of SERP 

Conducting an analysis of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) before you start writing is crucial. This will help you understand the kind of content searchers desire for a particular query. 

  • Targeting The Featured Snippets 

It is another excellent way to match searcher intent more closely and efficiently. Featured snippet placement can be very powerful for your business from an SEO point.

Approach specialists who specialise in SEO in Brighton to know more about Google’s BERT update. Time to be proactive than reactive!