In the Search Engine Optimisation process, the marketers’ primary attempt is to rank a website to the first position. However, making the website accessible is another prerogative many tend to forget. By accessibility, we mean the ease of use that enhances customer experience.

Why Choosing the Right Fonts is Vital?

By now, you might have known that selecting images and icons plays a major role in proper SEO. Along with these, you cannot ignore the importance of fonts. These play a major role in determining the performance of SEO in Surrey. The wrong type of font can affect the readability, accessibility, and usability of the published content.

Things to Remember for Choosing the Right Font:

Even the smaller aspects related to fonts can affect your SEO campaign dearly. To understand the optimisation process with proper fonts, you should read the following section.

Font Weight: Simply put, font weight determines the thickness or thinness of a specific font. Using bolded texts significantly increases the font weight. While selecting a font, you must follow some important things. You must prioritise readability while choosing font weight. Additionally, it is important to create a visual contrast with different types of font. You can use common font families to access multiple font options.

Font Colour: The colour of the font determines the appearance, readability and accessibility of the website content. Ensure to keep enough contrast between the colour of the font and the background. We also advise you to choose colours that match with your brand identity. Some also test the font colour contrast with features like mouse hover and over.

Font Size: With the right font size, you can improve the readability of your website. In this regard, choosing a font style that supports desktop and mobile users is necessary. You must also use scaling font sizes for headings, e.g. H1, H2 and H3. A general rule is to avoid font sizes that are too big or too small.

Font Family: To explain font family, it is the type of font that you need to add to your website. It is vital to choose a font that aligns with the brand identity. The most common fonts for SEO include Serif, Sans Serif, Monospaced and Script. To play safe, most companies tend to choose web-safe or system fonts.

By choosing the right font, you can be assured of better site performance. To get proper assistance, you can contact Object Ad Solutions. We are a well-known name for SEO in Surrey, and we can guide you with different aspects of search engine optimisation. For more information, you can visit our website today.