SEO audit, in simple terms, is the evaluation of the website on Google. In short, SEO audits highlights the visibility and the rankings of the website on Google. Get your website audited, and SEO experts will tell you the problems and improvements required for your website. Hence, if you appoint a professional SEO in Surrey, make sure to check their skills. Every SEO expert should know how to audit a website.

Why is SEO audit important? Many website owners are highly concerned about this question.

The obvious answer is to know the performance of the website. You can also get an idea of the website optimisation strategies that the competitors are using. Check out the important steps that will help you carry out an SEO audit faster.

How To Conduct an SEO Audit?

Step 1: Choose the right set of tools
For a successful SEO audit, some effective and excellent set of SEO tools are required. Hence, first, select the tools that will help you to find the problems in the website. Check out the free Google instruments as well. They are effective as well.

Step 2: Check rankings and identify competitors
Set a benchmark for the rank that you want to see for your website. This helps in further improvements of the site through the auditing process. Also, create a positioning map and point out the ranks of your competitor sites on the same. You’ll get a clear picture of the whole ranking system.

Step 3: Identify the duplicate versions
Check for the version of your site that Google is indexing. If you find a duplicate version as well, then remove the same to improve the rank.

Step 4: Check the site’s speed
Speed is an important factor that brings good rank for the website. If you find that the user bouncing rate is high, then try to reduce the same as this decreases the website’s speed.

Step 5: Implement HTTPS for the site
Check the SSL certification of the website. This is necessary for ranks. If the website is still using HTTP instead of HTTPS, then make the changes accordingly.

Step 6: Monitor the mobile compatibility
Mobile compatibility is also essential for ensuring a good rank for the website. Make the site mobile-optimised; only then you can improve the ranking of the website.

Step 7: Audit the backlinks
If your website has many backlinks, then it receives a better rank in Google. Hence, check the backlinks while auditing. Also, make sure to check the quality of the content present in the backlink. Change the ones that are not suitable. Add more links if your rank is going down.

At Object Ad Solutions, our SEO experts conduct SEO audit with professional techniques. Entrust your website with us and see your business on the front page of Google.