Does your business only cater to the local customer segment? For such small and medium scale companies, local SEO is an extremely effective tool to boost sales. According to digital marketing experts, investing in local SEO generates immediate results. Professional experts offering SEO in Sussex suggest that the business show the customers that they are local. Using the simple tactic of including local address, phone number and business’s name clearly on the website is sufficient and does the trick.

Check out the simple yet effective tips that can make your business popular locally

1. Create local pages and optimise the same
To start with, make sure that you create a local page for your business in all major search engines. It’s simple. Fill in the details and make an account. Then, ask your SEO expert to optimise the page that you’ve created. What is page optimisation all about? It’s simple, and you just need to add a few relevant photos, like the place of business, work you’re doing, and people working. Provide more details like working hours, holiday lists and weekly openings.

2.Provide local business details
Follow the NAP data recording method to fill up your business’s details. If you find that your business is already listed by someone else, make sure that you create your listing and claim the same. Include the geolocation of your business on Google maps. This will help the local audiences find your business whenever they search with the right type of keyword.

3.Focus on localised keywords
Keywords are the major tools for the success of any local SEO strategy. Invest in a good local keyword strategy and allow your website to optimise the words and phrases accordingly. When customers search for a product or service, they type “service/product + location”. Hence, ask the local SEO expert to simultaneously concentrate on the keyword and location.

4. Engage with local brands
As a small local business, you must look for the same types of companies within your community. This will make your brand more visible among the localities. You can reach out to the local newspapers to cover your product launches and promotions. Write blog posts including your geolocation as a keyword. Link the blogs to local websites with the same product or services in your locality.

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